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I want femdom woman!

A fairly typical example of some of the comments left here that I don’t publish. That the man can’t express more than four words of frustrated desire pretty much explains why his longings are apt to be forever unfulfilled.

On another of my sites some years back I offered to give what advice I could in response to folks’ questions. Surprisingly some people asked intelligently for help and I did my best to - if nothing else - help them think more clearly about their problems.

Clarity. Courtesy. Empathy. Honesty.

Those four words I think sum up what is needful in the search for friends, play partners and lovers. Still perhaps I can offer more concrete suggestions. Please feel free to ask. I’ll publish your question as a new entry and offer what I can. Other readers will hopefully add their perspective.

NB: please be very specific and supply a reasonable amount of background information. If you are too vague and general there won’t be much - if anything - that I can say.

Post your question in the comment form below. As soon as I can find the time your question will be posted and responded to on the home page of this site.

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Anyway. I met a man and we have decided on a FLR with spankings as a punishment (for him). Problem is for now we are not living in the same state. So how do I punish him (like for not calling when he said he would) when I am 1000’s of miles away from his bottom? ;)

Have him get a webcam. Then you can have him punish himself while you watch.

I am a single,slim,very fit 59 year old submissive obedient inferior male 6ft polite always have been.I seek permanent marrage or imprisonment by strict dominant woman who would punish and humiliate[including urine treatment]me evry day.I live in london but would serve anywhere in the world.

Stop thinking feeling inferior is something to brag about or that women are looking to be prison wardens.

Hey Im lookin for a dominant woman to just beat me til im black and blue and im begging for mercy. Is that too much to ask for?

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