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Potential Partner Checklist

What personal, physical qualities do you need from a Domme / Mistress or a submissive man / male slave?

Why Submissive Men Think They Want Cruel Women

Why some submissive males don't understand that female dominance is normally nuturing.

Become Her Slave

The Vanilla Dominatrix is a guide to help men who are wanting their partners to dominate them.

Submissive Guys: What Kind of Man Are You?

Submissive males need to learn to describe their personal qualities in their profiles.

Beautiful, Sexy Femdom

Submissive men who are only interested in hot, gorgeous, pin-up model Dommes and Mistresses.

My Girlfriend Read My Emails

Giving her access to your email account may expose your kinks and fetishes, out you to your lover.

Worthless Submissive Men

A man who calls himself an inferior malesub will never impress a female top as a worthy friend, companion, slave, play partner.

Dominant Women : Who Are They Looking For?

What kind of man would most Dommes be likely to want to meet? The I'll do anything guy or an honest and humane man?

Finding the Submissive Man of Your Dreams

What kind of dominant woman attracts and wins her ideal submissive male?

Do You Seem Too Needy?

Do submissive males drive away dommes and mistresses by seeming too needy?

Don't Give Up

The search for a dominant woman may be long and hard but in order to succeed you'll have to persist.

Surface Appeal

What clothes should a submissive male wear when hoping to meet or on a first date with a dominant woman?

Where Are They?

Is the perceived relative inequality of quantity of dominant females and worthwhile submissive males as simple as it is often made out to be?

Physical Beauty and Female Domination

Men who expect dominant females to resemble Playboy centerfolds.

What (Who) Are You Looking For

Are you looking for a dominant woman or submissive man to be your play partner, friend, lover, spouse, mistress or slave?

Starting a D/s Relationship

Issues to consider when looking for a long-term BDSM partner.

Dommes Are Searching For?

More advice on meeting dominant women through the internet.


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