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Beautiful, sexy femdom.

A masochistic man left a comment on one of my sites. He recounted being beaten by a -forgive the word - fat woman in her fifties. Her own relish in her sadism was all he needed for his own happiness.

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He contrasts sharply with the men who state that they are looking for a beautiful dominant woman. Presumably a female whose glossy symmetrical exterior would win her place in the pages of Maxim or Playboy.

I’m not going to chastise these guys for their narrowly channeled lust. I suspect the confinement of their desires leaves them more chaste than wearing a CB-6000 might. Perhaps their sexual orientation leaves them unable to have any erotic experience - even being whipped - with anyone other than a hottie.

Beautiful, sexy malesub.

If you are a man who has decided that you’ll submit (cough) only to beautiful, conventionally sexy dominant women I hope you’ve looked in the mirror.

Do you look like Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron or any other man celebrated for his sex appeal? Would the editors of Freshmen offer you a photo session?

If not: why do you expect a gorgeous woman to find you her object of desire? Hmmm?

If pinup level looks is a fixed requirement you’ll need to consider hiring a professional dominatrix. Caveat: most of the ProDommes you see photos of are models. They don’t do domination or sex work at all. So you may have to travel a considerable distance to find a professional dominatrix meeting your standards. And she’ll expect you to pay a very hefty fee.

Good luck!


One of the real blessings in life is to be attracted to the type of people who are attracted to, and will like, you. I have a friend, for instance, who is a nice-looking, middle-aged feminist pagan man - a “unicorn” in his own setting - and who loves feminist pagan women of his own age. He need never fear being alone involuntarily.

If you can’t achieve that level of perfection, merely avoiding being attracted only to the very most popular models of your chosen sex is helpful.

I remember the first couple of times - as an adult- I found myself attracted to someone significantly older. It was an enormous relief. I feared I’d be limited by ageism.

Thankfully as I’ve aged persona has lots to do with attraction. And with kink, complementary kinkiness.

I suspect there’s a distinct correlation between how likely someone is to actually pursue a Femdom interaction and how realistic their expectations are. I wouldn’t be surprised to find most of those who profess to be looking only for the drop dead gorgeous Femdoms are the ones who would never pursue anything beyond their imaginations (and their computer screens).

I have been online in an out for many years. I have met dominant women and even I had a few relationships. I have honestly and openly tried to build D/s relationships, perhaps is me,BUT it didn’t work for the time I have invested. Often I am wondering if Domme women really know what they want.Of course they will tell you “yes” but their actions often contradict their words. Personally I found a way to have Dommes beg me to dominate me, they wear what I ask, they are polite and appreciative and they are many:I use professional services. There is no greater liberation than getting out of the internet and it’s craziness or declining all these ClubFem parties where 100 guys run behind two women.It works on my terms, frees me time I have choices and guess what: it is cost effective. I believe that using professionals and turning the back to Dommes and ladies with attitude is the best way to walk away from the hellish-never ending dating scene, especially the D/sbdsm scene. Guys just go to a pro and leave the Dommes alone.They have a whole wish list but they dont like guys with wish-list,go figure, so just leave them alone and find other sources to please yourself.

hectoire, I am interested to find out what you mean by domme that don’t really know what they want.

oopsreally, I imagine what he means is that dommes don’t want what he wants them to want. :)

I am happy to see these comments. Got an extreme beating a few hours ago from A woman exploring domination. She went on for about an hour And I still feel the pain. Want more females like her. Not sure how to find them.

“Perhaps their sexual orientation leaves them unable to have any erotic experience - even being whipped - with anyone other than a hottie. ”

Well, just an example. I’m totally DISGUSTED with fat porn. So what’s the reason I would want to be dominated by a fat and ugly woman? Sorry if I sounded rude. Simply speaking, I don’t require/need a very beautiful domme. Someone with plain looks is fine, but I would NEVER worship someone who is fat.

Oddly enough, I am a man of sufficient looks, means, and personality to attract one of the “Maxim” level girls. I’ve dated a fairly well known actress, a popular female news celebrity, not to mention numerous models in my time. Since I was a kid I’ve always been good looking and confident, and have always dated the most attractive women.

However, my biggest turn-on is to submit to a far less attractive woman. Be she fat, mature, swarthy, whatever. Basically, the type of woman who I wouldn’t give the time of day to in public. Chained helplessly to a bed by a short, fat, angry 45 year old woman and being mercilessly tortured and sexually abused is my kind of heaven. Fortunately, I have found there is a fair enough sized segment of such women who will take on such a role (even if just for play in order to get to have me for a night or two.) My own lust for unattractive women has put me in the advantageous position of not having to try to draw out a dominant side in my otherwise gorgeous girlfriends. Now I just need to have the confidence to ignore society, and actually be with such a woman publicly, and not just be a secret slave behind closed doors.

hectoire, if you used similar approach when trying to build your D/s relationship as you used in writing this comment, I am not surprised it didn’t work for you…

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