Finding the Submissive Man of Your Dreams

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From an old newsgroup post by Laura Goodwin:

t certainly is possible for femdom men and women to meet and form satisfying relationships of either short or long-term duration. Such relationships can seem, with all their imperfections, to still seem to be a dream come true. People want practical suggestions for ways to accomplish this.

Men and women are different. In general, (heterosexual) men and women who try to see things from the other’s point of view and make a sincere effort to bridge the gender gap have the most success in relationships.

Women are women, not men without cocks. Women think and feel like women, they have sexual and psychological needs which are distinctive to those of their sex. They need partners who appreciate them as women, that is, whole human beings who also are female. They don’t stop being female because they are dominant, if anything, their female characteristics are more pronounced than in the average woman. Women do have their own kind of strength and authority which is not the strength of the head-banging ram, but the ready courage and steady dependability of the lioness.

Women do need partners who can understand and appreciate them on their own level. I have seen that men are inclined to try, and in many cases are quite successful. There are human limits, however, to how much one can reasonably expect. Men do need to be allowed to be men, they can’t help that, can they? Men are not women with cocks. They think and feel differently about things, and need to be understood and handled correctly.

In a femdom relationship, the woman is naturally expected to take control and set the pace, but to accomplish this she has to capture and hold the man’s attention and respect in a way he understands and can appreciate. Dominant women must be bolder and less dainty than your average woman. If SHE wants to find a dream sub, she has to be able to be dream dom, or the man won’t be able to find it within himself to match her. A sub can only rise as high as his mistress will let him. If she won’t show drive, creativity, ambition and daring, you can’t expect him to be at his best either.

Be a woman a man can look up to, and he will be all the man he can be for you.

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This is a very good blog. Thanks for the effort.Femdom play has to be safe , sane and consensual , all three being very important.I don’t support any nonconsensual activity even though I would masturbate to it in my fantasies.What one wanks to need not be what one does in real life.

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Finding the Submissive Man of Your Dreams
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