Physical Beauty and Female Domination

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People tend to see what they want in people they find attractive.

Relevant to us are submissive men who can’t help but feel this beautiful woman they’ve met is secretly dominant. Maybe she has haughty ways, maybe she doesn’t. Or maybe he just likes to feel that she does.

There’s no correlation between pulchritude and erotic dominance.

If you actually have a certain minimal standard for sexual attractiveness and you want to meet a dominant female then you’ll have an extra tough time in finding one.

Not that there aren’t dominant women who are lovely to look at in the most superficial sense.

But erotic power exchange is more a matter of emotional makeup than bodily beauty.

And if you are to ever have sexual self-fulfillment as a submissive male then you need to orient yourself to the right psychological profile and not a woman’s potential to be selected as a centerfold.

But heterosexual socialization being what it is the domme is more likely to accept the average looking submissive guy than many of the latter are to an ordinary looking but truly powerful woman.

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the power of the vagina; th epower of women dominating sexual giving and the persona of the dominant sexual predetor woman is so erotic charged

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Physical Beauty and Female Domination
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