What (Who) Are You Looking For

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Before seeking to find someone who might be interested in meeting you a person interested in female domination and male submission should think deeply and clearly about what they themselves are seeking.

  • BDSM Hookups (One Night Stands)
  • Regular S&M or D/s Play Partner
  • Dating that includes BDSM
  • Dating that is defined solely by F/m Roles
  • Marriage that includes some D/s
  • Marriage rooted in Female Domination
  • 24/7 Total Power Exchange

Are you just looking for a sadomasochistic quickie? Then you should locate the nearest munch group and become well enough respected to be invited to play parties.

Are you just looking for someone to explore risk aware masochistic and sadistic play with? See the above. Though either can also be found with an honest personal ad.

Is power exchange something you want to explore only in an erotic context? That it is part of but not the defining force when you date or want in a marriage?

Do you want some sort of Female Led Relationship? What do Loving Female Authority, FLR, Wife-Led Marriage mean to you? She’s the boss and you have less rights than a 1950s housewife? Or that she is the senior partner in the relationship?

Do you think that you are seeking a TPE or “lifestyle” marriage where the wife is absolute dictator and the husband has no rights? Do you believe, say, in female supremacy? Do you really? Are you sure?

Many women and men when they begin searching for a friend, partner or mate do not take the time to discern within themselves what they actually desire and are capable of offering. Are capable of living.

Before you put yourself in the dating market make sure that you know what you are trying to sell.

Erotic, Filthy, Sexy Fun for Submissive and Masochistic Men

Femdom Stories and Artwork


Female Domination and Male Slavery. 100% Femdom


No popups. Nothing to pay. I do this for fun. Think of me as a one-man F/m Tumblr site.


Hello, Im young, inexperienced and shy boy from czech republic, who is looking for mistress. I want to be slave 24/7 in total power forever. I would sing slavery agreement. I will do what is your comand. You can do with my body whatever you like. I want to be fetish model, look like a girl, have piercing and tattoo and have pink hair. I can move in to you everywhere in the world. The condicion is pay me a travel ticket.

If you are waiting for a plane ticket you may be waiting for the rest of your life.

Your feelings?

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What (Who) Are You Looking For
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