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Inferior Malesub Scum

Though I’m not able to keep track as much as I used to I’m still convinced there is one substantial barrier to submissive men establishing any sort of relationship with dominant women that they could easily correct by simply adjusting their perceptions and consequent behavior.

  • Don’t write a woman and tell her how you are an inferior creature fit only for female control.
  • Don’t tell a dominant woman that you want to be some sort of dehumanized slave.
  • Don’t try to sell a female top on your value by boasting that you don’t deserve any rights or freedom.

Why would any woman want to burden her life with a worthless man. Or spend time with someone who is really inferior. Or has so little self-respect he wants to be deprived of every last iota of liberty.

An experience female top knows the man can’t distinguish reality from fantasy.

You may masturbate to being told you are worthless because you are a man. But women don’t.

If you want to meet a dominant woman tell her why you are worth knowing as a man. Then she can decide if she wants to have power over you.

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No man is worthless, If you are submissive and can’t find a dominant woman ( And they are VERY hard to find ) Consider making yourself available to those masculine males who cannot see or understand the joys and benefits of submitting yourself to authority. At least you will make yourself useful to society and perhaps even save a woman from their dominance by serving as a substitute for their lust. Do not sit on the sidelines of life. Find those women or men who need a submissive male for their pleasures. ksguy4u07@yahoo

It does, indeed, blow my mind when someone approaches me with the “I’m not worthy” or even better in the third person “This unworthy slave…”

If someone approaches stating that he is “unworthy” I can only assume that he is and promptly ignore.

the men who really feel this way need a therapist and not a domme. The women who enable this could use some serious help as well.

A short article, but to the point and very real.

Yes really, I’m a sub but I’m not anybody’s sub. The only domme I ever considered living with was an M.D. And I turned her down thank you very much!

i like to be a sissy male maid for you and you can tie me up and rent me out as a sissy male maid and make me to do all the things you told me to do.

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