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Wooing a Domme Online

Tips for approaching dominant women on forums and alternative dating sites.

Dominance & Submission in a Vacuum

Don't worry about titles and honorifics when first communicating with a potential partner.

Femdom Personals on Craigslist

Responding, replying to personal ads posted on Craigslist by dominant women.

Don't Send Penis Photographs to Women

Foolish, embarrassing mistakes and missteps made by submissive men looking for a dominant woman.

Writing to a Domme : 10 Guidelines

How to introduce yourself to a dominant woman that you wish to be your Mistress and to serve.

Responding to Profiles

A clear example of what is wrong with the way men respond to the profiles of dominant women on sites like Collar Me.

Cyber Femdom : Virtual or Real?

The psychology and pitfalls of internet F/m dating and romance.

Submissive Men Who Write Bad Profiles

Male slaves who write personal ads that are confusing and unappealing to a dominant.

Responding to a F/m Personal Ad

Classified Domme / malesub ads: read carefully, respond clearly and honestly.

Approaching a Dominant

As a submissive person are you sure what you can offer a Domme and do your needs match hers?

How to Write a Kinky Personal Ad

Tips and advice on what to not put into a BDSM personal ad when searching for the right Domme.

How Do I Meet a Domme

Lady Julia's advice on how a male submissive might compose his personal ad.

Human to Human : People Aren't Fantasies

Dominant women aren't going to be seduced by your fantasies. They are people looking to meet a person.

Fetishist vs. Submissive : Muddy Thinking?

The distinction between someone who wants to be a slave and is just wanting his fetishes acted out isn't simple or easy.

Looking for Submissive Men Can Be Stressful

Dominant women using the web to meet men may have many frustrating, exhausting encounters.

Femdom Chat Etiquette

Good manners when talking to a dominant woman using an instant messaging or chat client.

Courtship of the Dominant Woman

Getting to know her and learning how to approach her.

How Ms. MacComb Met Her Husband

How one dominant woman found the right man using the web.

Fake Femdom Blogs

Blogs written by submissive men pretending to be dominant, sadistic women.

Forum Phonies

Beware of bad advice, fake personas, false information and self-delusion on Femdom and BDSM discussion forums.

Submissive Men : Interact Online

Participate in Femdom Forums, comment on Femdom Blogs. Learn how to talk about BDSM, D/s and S&M.

Unrealistic Expectations

Why submissives and mistresses who sound good on CollarMe, Alt.com and online dating sites don't prove matches when you actually meet them in person.

Admit Your Needs

Submissive men: be honest and admit your own needs, desires in your personal ads.

Real Submissives

Real, true, genuine, actual, factual, honest, 100% certified submissive men.

Worthless Femdom Ebooks

Submissive men don't waste your money on online courses and ebooks.

She Never Replies

You email a Domme that you'd like to become your Mistress. She never writes back. What to do?

Writing to a Dominant Woman

Seeking a Domme or Mistress? Be civil and courteous. Don't be lazy or sloppy.

Fake Mistresses

Beware phony dommes, bogus dominatrices who only want your money.Don't be a victime of BDSM fraud.

Bad Profiles Aren't Submissive

Readable and informative personal ads can be a sign of a real desire to submit and please.

What Do You Look Like?

Do you think you have an ugly nose? Why don't you have a photo?

Writing to Dominant Women : 5 Rules

Advice for submissive men looking online for a female top, mistress, domme.

Personal Ad as Resume

How Femdom profiles and personals resemble job offers and applications.

About Your Blog

Submissive bloggers should try to present a full, comprehensive picture of themselves, just just their raw desires.

Do You Wear High Heels?

What not to say when replying to a personal ad by a female top.

Why You Never Meet Anyone

What prevents dominant women and submissive men from using the internet to date one another.

Look for Dommes Where They Can Be Met

Want a dominatrix, mistress, whatever: then focus on them and not on converting a vanilla woman.

Meeting Dominant Women Online : Best Practices

Guidance for malesubs wanting to find a Mistress using internet dating websites.

Start a Blog

A public space where people can learn about you is essential to the internet courtship between dominant women and submissive men.

Voice Chat

Using Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, Skype or other VOIP client to talk to dominants and submissive persons via the internet.

A Strategy

Using the web to meet potential dominant and submissive partners, lovers and companions.

Some Fetish Dating Sites

Brief reviews of BDSM websites for valentines day.

Forums for Dominant Women, Submissive Men

Get to know and become friendly with F/m folks using internet discussion groups.

Priorities in Communicating

Your body statistics are probably not the first thing a dominant wants to read about when you email her.

Kind Rejections

How does a dominant woman politely let a man know that he's not the guy for her?

Do You Ask Her?

When writing to a dominant woman do you ask her about her life, how her day has been?

Make a Good First Impression

Think clearly and hard before contacing a Domme whose profile you've read and liked.

Again: How to Meet a Domme

Learn to think clearly and honestly about what dominant women are looking for in submissive men.


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