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Present More Than Raw Desire

Novel of raw desire

Many people start blogs I suspect with hope that it will aid them in finding someone. Certainly submissive men do; some craft appealing portraits of themselves. I think they could do better.

That you want a dominant person in your life is a given. And you’ll writing of your feelings about power exchange, the kind of person you hope to meet, what you think you can offer as a submissive partner.

But you shouldn’t write exclusively of these things if your blog is meant to complement your BDSM personal ads and kink profiles.

If you are a submissive male blogging with an eye toward attracting the attention of a local dominant female then write about more than D/s. In her mind is likely the image of a guy who does more than serve and receive spankings.

Write about your:

  • Enthusiasms
  • Hobbies
  • Pastimes
  • Books you read
  • Music you enjoy
  • Your family
  • Work

Present a comprehensive picture so she has a chance to get to know you and - with luck - find you interesting.

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