Cyber Femdom : Virtual or Real?

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More and more people look for love on the internet (I’ve had luck myself). This is nowhere truer than in D/s. Kinky men and women acquire virtual mistresses and slaves.

There are people who expect - want - no more than virtual female domination and male submission. Or for some reason cannot translate this part of themselves into their physical life.

Others are looking for quality companionship, enduring romance: someone to be with offline as well via webcam and chat.

A psychologist has crafted a site focusing on interpersonal relationships online. Here’s an extract from his page on Cyberspace Romances.

My guess is that in a “true” romance on the internet, the couple eventually will want to meet each other face-to-face. They may HAVE to meet each other for the relationship to fully develop and to be fully satisfying. For these people, the internet simply was a way to meet each other. I say “simply” but this feature of the internet shouldn’t be underestimated. It is a POWERFUL way for people with compatible interests and personalities to find each other.

There are some people who may NOT want to meet the lover face-to-face. My guess is that these people prefer living with the fantasy that they have created (consciously or unconsciously) about the cyber-lover. The couple may be collaborating in the creation of a mutually satisfying fantasy that portrays themselves in ways very different from how they truly are in reality. They may not want to meet each other face-to-face because the fantasy might be destroyed by the hard facts of reality. Who can say whether this is “wrong” or “dangerous?” Many people allow themselves the luxury of fantasy - either through books, or TV, or movies. And most people don’t confuse this fantasy with reality. A cyber-lover is just another type of “escape fantasy” - only it’s much more interactive, and therefore much more exciting, than the more usual methods.

The Psychology of Cyberspace

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Cyber Femdom : Virtual or Real?
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