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Is it from passivity, indifference or nervousness that some submissive men don’t make email exchanges with a prospective dominant more of a dialogue?

This is the email version of a bad first date. When one person does all the initiating, and the other person just talks about themself, and shows zero interest in asking questions or finding out about their date.

It is really annoying.

Why do I keep finding this with submissive partners? Have other femdoms found this to be true? Do other femdoms *like* it this way, do they like to just offer what they want, and do all the asking? Granted, I do like to be the interrogating, but when it comes to building a relationship of sorts, I want the person to be honestly interested in who I am — ask about my hobbies, what I did with my day, what makes me excited or sad, what I am doing at my job.

Zero. Zilch. No questions.

My rule is to give it about 7 emails, then say it isn’t working. Often the guy writes back, dumbfounded, because the email exchange has been fruitfull, the emails have been long, and he probably did not suspect a thing. I explain to him then that the interest seemed one-sided; I did all the asking, and he did all the answering, and he did not seemed interested in my life, or what was going on with me. Sometimes we patch it together after that; most times, he just goes on his way.

Complete thread: Are submissives less likely to ask questions in emails?

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