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My self-image is that of a skeptic. But often I take people at their word, face value.

Many years ago while reading an early Femdom mailing list it seemed odd to me that a few of the women sounded almost identical, as if they were clones. Was one woman posting using multiple email accounts?

The defining quality of their posts was snide, pettiness. Something too shallow and constricted to match womanly pride or female arrogance as I’d met in real life.

When F/m blogs first emerged I found this same manner of expression on the blogs. Mostly in the comments. But a few blog owners seemed to be of the same ilk.

Finally I realized that these women were really men. Frustrates without a relationship that created virtual lives for themselves. But as dominant women instead of submissive men.

My guess is they do this because it somehow makes their fantasy seem more real. They aren’t so much interested in fooling others as hypnotizing themselves.

Whether as faux females or pushy “malesubs” these are the people who often push for intolerably stringent F/m behavior. Their minds are so filled with orgasm denial, sissyfication, cleaning bathroom floors and being lectured that there no room left for a real relationship or marriage.

As with Femdom and BDSM forums you need to read F/m blogs with caution. Some people are doing a wonderful job of sharing their power exchange relationship, giving advice on risk aware S&M. Beware of the others.

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In and out of BDSM, the creation and portrayal of fantasy women by men online is fairly rampant. One of my oldest and dearest online friends has a several-year serious relationship on Second Life, where his character is a young, submissive woman with the typical exaggerated characteristics.

Things you read online should always be run through a common sense filter, though of course if you’re just using the blogs as fantasy material, I guess it doesn’t matter anyway.

I have to admit, it doesn’t bother me much whether a femdom blog is fake or not. I figure, if the events described are not happening to the author, something similar is happening to someone, somewhere. It’s a bizarre world out there. Having said that, any advice from a femdom blog must be taken with a huge grain of salt.

Your feelings?

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