Fake Mistresses

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Since I’ve seen this on CollarMe of late I’m sure it must be happening on other BDSM dating sites.

Hard-boiled Woman
She made love her business.

You get a message from a surprisingly young and pretty “Mistress” expressing an interest in talking with you. The most dubious dominatrix I heard from offered me both domination and a chance to make money: what an irresistible combination.

Ignore these women, some are just phone sex operators fishing for clients. Others aren’t necessarily even female. They are employees of companies that trade in the lusts of submissive men. The ostensible females will demand money and gifts. You won’t even get cruelty in return.

The Money Mistress racket is being used by a number of cynical people who want to profit off lonely submissive men. They have no genuine interest in female domination. Just an lazy way to make a buck.

Being submissive doesn’t mean being a sucker.

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Fake Mistresses
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