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Take at a personal ad on Craigslist by a dominant woman. Did she say she was looking for a man who :

  • Is worthless
  • Would do anything
  • Send a cock photo

No? Then don’t write her if you think you are valueless, don’t offer to do anything or send her unsolicited amateur erotic photography.

See how long her listing is. Why don’t you try making your response about that long by addressing the issues she does raise?

Use MS Word or another word-process than has spellchecking. Capitalize. Don’t use an ellipsis ( ) like a comma or period.

Use traditional opening and closings like “Dear [Name}” and “Yours [whatever].”

Do not address her as Mistress unless she is using that as a title. Many women reserve that term for the man she is in a relationship. She certainly is not (yet) your relationship.

All of the above is true in many venues but seem markedly true in the D/s personals on Craigslist.

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i have been looking for a dominant girl there for awhile

You’ve been looking for a dominant woman on Craigslist?

With what luck?

I can’t stand Craigslist. Every time I post an add on it I get 99% spam, so why use it in the first place.

I to think Craigs list is a waste of time seeking a dominant lady. The only thing that comes back is a hook to join a sex dating service. Not that I have any thing against them, I just do not care to be had in this manner.

I’m a FemDom and I still read Craiglist sometimes. I don’t take it seriously, but I do read. So we are there. Likely you’re just not making yourself seem very sincere or interesting.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Femdom Personals on Craigslist.


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Femdom Personals on Craigslist
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