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I’d meant to post this follow-up to my prior entry much sooner but couldn’t make the time.

Online Femdom Dating

Ms. Marina Black alluded to the know-it-alls on many kinky forums. There’s no denying the useless creatures abound.

Some will say that this sort of verbal bossiness is part of their dominant nature. But cocksureness is one of the most common vices of the human race. And there’s no lack of pushy submissive men online.

Indeed submissive men can be the worst. Having no life experience with submission they distill rules from their fantasy lives. They imagine what they masturbate to as a way to really have a relationship with a dominant woman.

Don’t let anyone on a forum - dominant or submissive - preach one true way of enacting dominance and submission, mastery and slavery to you;. Each person, each pairing works out an individual proper path. Not that some general principles don’t have value.

Don’t be intimidated. If you could see the person typing away at his keyboard the sight probably wouldn’t at all impress you. Don’t let your imagination delude you.

Read the stories of those who are sharing what they’ve actually done. You may not do the same thing or do it in the same way. But their experiences can help you prepare for your own exploration of BDSM.

You have to read forum posts discerningly and critically. But of what isn’t that true?

It can never be repeated often enough: there is no one true way that works for everyone.

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