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I’ve made the suggestion to many men looking to meet a dominant woman that they join the forums where those women enjoy hanging out but I don’t think most guys pay attention: they are seeking instant gratification (which is going to be a long time - if ever - coming).

Maybe you’ll believe a woman. Mistress 160 says:

I rarely take on subs / pets I don’t know. Joining up at (free) sites such as and participating in the forums and in chat - and in the cam contests held at EH - will allow me (and the other Dom/mes there) to meet you and get a feel for your personality and interests. Then when you write to Me you will not be a stranger and your email will not be lost amongst other unsolicited mail, and a dialogue is more likely to result. Try this with every Mistress you contact. It does work!

Subs wishing to contact Me, PLEASE READ

Here’s a list of some online forums for dominant women and submissive men (the best are the earliest onest listed): F/m Forums.


The Polyfetishist Directory Femdom Femdom Forums

Erotic, Filthy, Sexy Fun for Submissive and Masochistic Men

Femdom Stories and Artwork


Female Domination and Male Slavery. 100% Femdom


No popups. Nothing to pay. I do this for fun. Think of me as a one-man F/m Tumblr site.


Famous at last … I so love being quoted … have a wonderful New Year, Richard!

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Forums for Dominant Women, Submissive Men
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