How Ms. MacComb Met Her Husband

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Despite the necessarily tentative nature of what you can really know about online friends it is impossible for me to imagine Ms. Darlene MacComb settling for second best in a husband. You might remember her story the next time you are feeling fedup with online matchmaking sites.

About 8-1/2 years ago I placed a little free ad on the Adult Friend Finders website under the S/M or Kink (or whatever it was) section. I had grown very tired of trying to find my soulmate through conventional methods and after being alone for several years (refusing to settle for second best) decided to risk it. I did recieve several replies from noncompatible people (guys, couples and other women even though my ad stated single males only).

I was living in a small city of about 60,000 in the southwest and Simon was about a two hour drive away in a small town of about 9000. Its mind boggling that we were so close and never would have met had I not placed that ad and had he not replied. We did the usual e-mail, chats, phone calls for a few weeks and then he came to meet me. I was immediatly impressed on numerous levels and while the ultimate nature of our relationship was not established initially, I knew he was the right one. We moved to Santa Fe, got married, bought a home and have now been married for over 7 years. I feel extremely fortunate and thank God every day for the love of my life. As this is just a short testament to online dating/relationships I won’t go into details about the cuckolding, beatings, humiliation and such.

Her blog: Punished Cuckold Husbands

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How Ms. MacComb Met Her Husband
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