Make a Good First Impression

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Before you ask for what you want make sure you know exactly what that is:

  • Do you want a D/s or S&M play relationship?
  • Do you want a monogamous relationship and eventually perhaps a lifetime commitment?
  • Are you unsure about what you seek, and will leave that to the two of you to determine?

Read the profile. Then read it again.

a) If the Domme you are contacting is not looking for applications, respect this! You can write to her and tell her that you realise she isn't looking for applicants but that nonetheless you appreciate her profile and simply wanted to let her know. You can also ask her if she has time to or an interest in entertain a friendship with no strings attached. Do not be pushy! FYI: Dommes do not keep waiting lists of potentials so don't ask to be put on one. However if you are friends first she may take interest at a later date.

b) If the Domme you are contacting has stated what she is looking for and it is not what you are looking for, move to the next profile and don't try and change her mind. Nothing is more insulting then a sub who wants to convince us of something we don't want.

c) If the Domme you are contacting hasn't said what she is looking for, you might want to ask her politely in your letter of introduction. If she doesn't respond to this, you might want to just keep looking. There is no guarantee that because someone states she is a Domme that she has it all together. Use your judgement.

From Mademoiselle Angelika & Maitresse Eden: 10 Steps For Making A Good First Impression

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Make a Good First Impression
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