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It is easy to get create technicalities and complications in life. This is very true in dating and romance. And extra true when it comes to power exchange romance. And yet ever crazier in the real of female dominants and submissive men.

But the best advice I can give you has nothing to do with kink and fetish. While you and I take delight in what a kinky female top might do to us we should never forget that she is a human being.

Basic Practices for Femdom Dating

Civility: we should be polite to other people as a matter of course. Just as we wish them to be polite to us. Treat your online contacts with the same responsibility and respect you would anyone else. And if you don’t treat people respectfully then work on that before trying to meet someone.

Clarity: Write sentence: capitalize and punctuate. Write sentences with content: don’t just emit verbal drool. If you can’t competently write a sentence go take an adult education class in composition. Female tops aren’t looking for idiots.

Write good profiles and ads: don’t write porn. If you get carried away then go masturbate before working on your online presentation of youself.

More than just kink: share your hobbies, enthusiasts and interests. Any woman who is considering spending time with you wants to know more than that you are submissive beyond words.

Get some photos taken: so what if you aren’t handsome. A photograph lets her know you aren’t some weird scary looking creature.

Be honest: say that a hundred times. Falsity will be found out. Truth has more sex appeal than you think.

Be patient: finding someone takes time.

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Meeting Dominant Women Online : Best Practices
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