Priorities in Communicating

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What is passing through her mind as she reads your introductory email?

So why is it that so many submissive boys have to include their stats when introducing themselves for the first time? I think it’s because they place so much emphasis on it themselves and their potential partners. What do you think?

When I place personal ads, I always delete the ads if their first sentence or two to me includes this stat stuff. I know what’s on the top of their mind and it isn’t about physically or emotionally pleasing me(it tells me that they could be the dreaded time wasting do-me sub). If it works itself into the conversation then that’s cool. However, my experience tells me that if within the first contact a submissive is telling you what they look like or asking you what you look like they are not serious{1} and generally time wasters imo. My experience also tells me that the quality submissives(usually the ones that have been around awhile and have learned the ropes) tend not to present themselves in this way. So I can usually pick the newbies from the experienced based on this one pet peeve.

When I first screen a potential subling my priorities are finding out if we have similar tastes and if my big sexual and everyday interests will be satisfied(and vice versa). If we connect on that level then it’s time to see if we connect on the “in person” level, which is chemistry(aura) based. Of course we could also connect on the physical eye candy level but we have to get through the aura stuff first. If the sub is missing the physical eye candy stuff I won’t say “see ya later” (good grooming is a must however). I am just thanking my lucky stars that everything else is in line. Which brings me to another point. There are many submissives out there and they out number the dominant ladies, but I have found that there are about equal amounts of serious submissives to serious dominants.

Ranting - bodily stats in personal ads

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