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Spendiferous Elizabeth posted a minimal profile on CollarMe: no details, photos, requests - just the bare fact that she is a dominant woman.

There was an avalanche of responses from guys hoping to become her worshipful servant. Her individuality was irrelevant. She was a blank slate on which they would scrawl their fantasies.

Despite their offers of devotion they didn’t give a damn about Elizabeth. The men just want something they could address as Mistress.

This is such a clear picture of all that is bad and sad in F/m personal ads that it almost has the beauty of a mathematical proof.

Note to guys:

When you reply to profiles and personal ads of people who manifest no signs of potential compatibility other than being of the correct gender and power exchange orientation you are only revealing yourself as a stupid jerk. If she hasn’t invited contact, doesn’t state complementary desires you are wasting her time. Perhaps your own: though you may have nothing better to do.

Note to women:

Men whose lusts override decency and sense are a part of vanilla dating online and off. Like other women you should simply weed out the dross: delete their emails. Put them out of your mind. Don’t let the rats ruin your search for a nice fellow.

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I am looking for dom to live with.

You wont find a female top this way.

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