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If you don’t have any real life experience with power exchange and S&M you are apt to be so trapped by your imagination you don’t really know how to talk about what you desire (or have clear perceptions of those seeming needs).

Finding blogs that reflect your appetites and hopes and leaving comments on the blogger’s writings is a simple beginning in learning how to talk (and think) about BDSM. Or kink-free Female Led Relationships (ahem).

You’ll find you have a host of misperceptions. Men and women who actually play or are in committed relationships can teach you how kink and fetish actually fit into their lives. There’s tremendous diversity.

The same is true of forums. You have to disinhibit yourself in order to talk openly and honestly.

Some men will learn that women aren’t looking to run their home like Gitmo. Others that penis pictures don’t make for friendships.

Others will learn the right vocabulary and manner for addressing others. Not that any one style is always appropriate. Some women like some level of protocol. Others can’t abide it. And one of the lessons you need to learn is that you are communicating with individuals. Dominant women aren’t stamped out at the female sadist factory.

Lastly there may be one or more munch groups in or near where you live that have a mailing list. This can be a good first step to preparing to meet someone local, perhaps at a munch group meeting.

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There’s a wee problem with that bit of advice…

My own experience has shown me that the forums are filled with people who simply sit at their computers waxing profound on subject matter they have no real time experience with.

What’s more, they LOVE to come off as experts and a novice will lack the experience to know.

There’s also something about our society that has trained us to presume that when something is in print it must be true. This assumption has spilled over to what we read on the internet!

There is much misinformation spread out all over the internet.

Perhaps you can suggest some forums that you have personally found to have solid information.

Theyre right on top of us, and Savous and Hyle are both on the surface. See to your people, take a bath, hold Irin —a wistful pause there— then we should talk. She shook her head. Arkir grabbed for Lanthan and managed to keep his hold as the smaller man twisted. Dont put me to sleep. He came up beside her, extinguishing the magelight. Startled from her thoughts, she glanced up at him. Since you will be the test subject, I think youll be feeling more than seeing. She raised her hand and knocked. But that wasnt to be. Yes, Brevin agreed, thumbing aside a tear that slid down her cheek. She startled badly when hands closed over her shoulders from behind. She cant make it easy, can she? While enjoyable, shed yet to have sex and feel the bare, physical beauty of it. The larger part of her brain writhed with the rest of her body. He held her hips, and they stayed still, simply enjoying the connection. Unexpected emotion welled in her throat at the very thought. Sadness washed over his face, although a small smile remained. For the rest of the life Ive been given. She licked his lips.

I freely admit to limited knowledge, vast ignorance and a lurid imagination. But I’m willing to listen and learn.

I’m a very liberal stud and I would to striptease Michele Bachmann! Nuff said.

even though I hate her politics it would be so much fun to suck her sweet panties while I jacked off to her- and I’ll bet her feet are yummy too!

how I would love to strip for Michele!

I’m dying to say it again I’d love to strip 4 Michele

The desire for a strong woman is by no means limited to subs. I’m kinky but not truly sub, though I have sub kinks and fetishes, I also have Dom kinks and fetishes. But just like a total sub I feel a need for a strong dominant woman. And, like the guy with only sub tendencies I have a communication problem. By that I mean that I no longer want to start at vanilla and coax and cajole from there. I see it as a problem of underground language and code. Maybe it’s a code I don’t yet know but I’m not learning it on these sites and blogs and returns me to prodommes and prostitutes… so frustrating. I’d love to receive a response from a kinky lady Dom or sub.

I am a strong women that is search for a long term relationship with someone that will enjoy doing for me as much as I for him. Yes the roles will be different but just a pleasurable. I have had one lover that was open to trying my fantasies but never really understood the lifestyle that i want & of course bowed out after just a few fantasies :( I found this site and was hoping to get advise from other dominate females or even submissives on how to date in the open. Anyway, any advise would be appreciated. Ciao for now, LL

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