Submissive Men Who Write Bad Profiles

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In searching for power exchange online you can’t help but shake your head at the wrongheaded, incomplete and foolish profiles some men post.

Man of Cravings

Often handles are a clue. He’ll have a name like KickMyBalls, if not KickMyRightTesticle. He has one fetish and having that particular itch scratch is all he cares about.

Sometimes he’ll write a bit more but insist on one little detail. Like being forced to drink all of the top’s piss.

These poor fellows often wonder why no one takes them up on such wonderful offers.

Mr. Sentence Fragment

I was quite struck by a profile with the headline “relationship important.” Sadly that was the entire profile. Most of us would agree with the sentiment. But think the details more than a little important.

Sometimes a bunch of fragments trail together but it sounds as if the author has a clinical psychological disorder. Really he just can’t - or won’t - bother to express himself.

Ungrammatical Guy

Often the cousin of the preceding. He hates to capitalize or capitalizes words at random. He thinks an ellipsis or dash is as good as a period. The crazy quilt profile that emerges suggests a junk yard more than a mind.

Poet Manqué

Under the illusion he’s a verbal artist this guy is usually just saying he wants sex and lots of it. His failed fanciness doesn’t hide the lack of any qualities a dominant person may be looking for.

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Submissive Men Who Write Bad Profiles
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