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Typically people who start communicating with an eye toward a BDSM relationship begin with email. Then instant messaging, perhaps later on webcams.

Text messaging remains the most popular: it is free and feels safe. It also gives you a chance to weigh your words. The latter is a real boon for people who have only limited verbal agility, especially when communicating with someone they’ve never met.

It used to be that going to voice communication required one person to give the other a telephone number. But nowadays Yahoo Messenger Google Talk, not to mention VOIP services like Skype enable you to chat over the web without losing the safety of anonymity.

Going to spoken chat is probably best reserved until you feel really sure about the other person. The very beginning may be a bit stiff, you’ll each be nervous. While there may be some stuttering and stumbling hopefully each person can take that into account and allow time for comfort and confidence to develop.

Here’s a thread on long distance relationships: Spoken Chat & BDSM

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