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Your First Date With a Domme

Advice on how to insure that your initial date with a dominant woman has a good chance for success or at least minimize failure.

Being Too Passive

A dominant woman may expect some traditional courtship behaviors from the male when courting, dating.

Courting a Domme

Advice for heterosexual submissive males when attempting to date a dominant female.

Going to a Munch Group

Meeting Dommes and making kinky friends at munch groups.

The Woman Worship Gambit

How one submissive man would let a vanilla woman know that he is submissive.

Never Too Old to Start

A women begins exploring male submission, female domination in her 60s (sixties).

Femdom First Dates

Even if your roles are submissive man and dominant woman going on a date isn’t as arcane or difficult as some men make it.

Unrealistic Expectations

Why submissives and mistresses who sound good on CollarMe, Alt.com and online dating sites don't prove matches when you actually meet them in person.

Public Submissiveness

Exhibiting deferential behavior to all females as a class or group in public settings, places.

Meeting a New Submissive Man Goes Badly

Dominant women (Domme, Mistress) may find a potential submissive male has steroetypical ideas and foolish expectations.

Ask For a Date

Dominant women appreciate men who can offer more than their submission or masochism.

Submissive Men Who Don't Show Up

Guys who don't show up for the first date they've made with a dominant woman.

Compliment Her Craft

Praise of her skills is a good way to introduce yourself to a female top at a fetish club or play party.

Saying Hello

Teach yourself to meet and greet dominant women at fetish clubs or parties and much groups.

Look for Dommes Where They Can Be Met

Want a dominatrix, mistress, whatever: then focus on them and not on converting a vanilla woman.

How to Act at a Public Fetish Venue

Behavior at BDSM clubs and parties.

Personal Ads as Porn

Sexy profiles on sites like CollarMe and Alt.com may encourage the wrong kind of responses.

Who Should Say Hello First?

Should a submissive man make the initial approach when trying to meet a dominant woman?

Ordering Her Meal

Dominant women usually prefer a submissive man who knows how to handle taking charge of ordering food at restaurants.

A First Date

One Domme's first night out with a submissive male.


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