Meeting a New Submissive Man Goes Badly

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Submissive Men Looking for a Mistress Often Have Clichéd Expectations

Disappointed Mistress

I’ve read many accounts of dominant women who’ve had meetings with prospective submissive males that have gone badly. But this sounds like the worst ever.

I was about 10 minutes late but spotted him immediately. The look of disappointment in his eyes was amazing! I know I’m not beautiful but damn! I was mad, hurt, and more than a little embarrassed. He had seen pictures of me at the other Domme’s house, I couldn’t understand why he was so rude. He had ordered appetizers and drinks before I got there. Their arrival helped to cover a rather tense moment. I really was tempted just to turn around and walk out without a word. Stilted conversation, meaningless chitchat followed. Finally I had my feelings under control, so I asked him why he looked so disappointed when he saw me. His expression changed to bewilderment and he just stared at me.

“I thought you said you were really into this.” very accusingly said.

“I am”

“No leather? no latex?” he sneered, actually sneered at me!

“Its a 103 degrees outside, fool.” I don’t know what was so so astonishing, his attitude or that I was actually trying to defend myself against this nitwit.

He began to whine that he really had expected me to wear at least some leather, or carry a flogger, maybe a collar for him? And I was really rude by not getting there before him, he had to get the table, order the drinks - that was my job. (!?!?!?!) Why was I being so friendly? (!!!) He wanted a bitchy mistress. Would I spank him in the restaurant right now? Why hadn’t I brought a pair of my panties for him to wear? Should he go and wank off in the restroom? What would I do if he spilled my drink on me? God, my nails were far to short to be dangerous. Oh, and their not painted red either - thats not right. Did I have to wear shorts and those keds? Did I have on underwear? Could he have it? How about slapping me right here? I’ll let you! My breasts were nice but that not a push-up bra is it? I’m going to let you pay for lunch so you can feel in charge.

Bad Meeting With Sub

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Is this guy on crack? Or just simple?

Many so called subs are really just “guys with fetishes”. They have their own scripts in their head, and then they still expect to be in control of those scripts being implemented.

Furthermore,the fact that he expected a domme to show up in leathers, regardless of context, indicates he is objectifying her as a “domination object” and is not regarding her as a real person.

In other words: self centered, sexist, controlling egotistical males come in all flavors, including so-called subs.

The guy is a jerk.

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Meeting a New Submissive Man Goes Badly
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