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It’s only been a year since my journey began, but Iíd like to share with women of my generation some of the things I have learned and will continue to learn for as long as my journey continues. To those who have always heard but ignored those inner whispers about what it might be like to flog a back or butt, bring a man to his knees, invade him, restrain him, punish or reward him in any wonderful variety of ways from mild to extreme, take heart. Age doesnít have to be a negative factor. It isnít too late to explore your inner domme.

Out of My Frigid Fifties

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I whole heartedly agree with “Out of my Frigid Fifties!” I much prefer the company of a mature woman than a much younger one! Mature women are usually comfortable in their skin, know what they want, mannerly and how to communicate with a man! You go girl!

Age is not a factor. There are a lot of dirty old men who want to be teased, tormented and etc. They key is finding one that gives her what she wants, not what he thinks she wants (or just what he wants himself).

I certainly hope it’s never too late, I’m 63. I’d love to find a wise old wiccan domme 50+ to carry on with. I’ve had sub leanings all my life and just never really explored before, so this is the first thing on my bucket list.

Michele Bachmann with a ball whip, a riding crop and to munch on her sweet panties and pussy how we would both love it

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