Ordering Her Meal

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As Elizabeth explains many dominant women like men who are capable and confident. And who know how to properly handle the details and make the decisions when eating out:

A man’s confidence during a dinner date, while making sure I was taken care of, was always a big turn on. The last guy I dated (hint, the one I married), was a master of it…and still is. There’s not much more erotic, to me, than to be taken care of publicly. Drop a bead of sweat or two over getting it right, all the more so.

So, my best dates took charge at the table while letting me sit back and enjoy.

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FemDomme for many of us is not about “romance” at all - although I suppose that may depend on how you define “romance”.
A TRUE Owner/slave dynamic viewed from a certain lens conveys lovely images of chivalry.
For many of us, it is a whole way of life.
When I think about who I am as a Domme, thoughts of being a lover, girlfriend or wife NEVER enter the picture.
I think about who I am as a woman craving to own human property - a REAL slave.

I think about the aspects of his life that would require scrutiny and management and ask myself “Am I up to the task?”.
I know many would reduce FemDoome to a mere “kink”, “fetish” or bedroom game and not regard it as the lifestyle it really is.

The site is about F/m dating in the sense of meeting people. Romantic outcomes aren’t necessarily the purpose. Depends on the intentions of the individuals.

What your describe is certainly one of the common forms of F/m interaction. Peoples needs and desires range from very strict TPE mild “fauxdomination.”

The the two people involved to be honest about what they are searching for.

So if there’s love involved, it’s somehow “beneath” the almighty TPE relationship? That’s cute.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Ordering Her Meal.


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