Public Submissiveness

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By Chris

You can easily be submissive publicly without annoying women. Try saying “ma’am” most of the time when you are talking to them, in a polite way. If you are in a restaurant, say, “May I have a cup of coffee, ma’am?” When she brings it, say “thank you, ma’am”. They won’t find it annoying, but they will find it odd sometimes. I tried it s few times, and did get a couple of funny looks, since it’s so unusual for people to be that polite to a waitress, who is the one who usually says “sir” or “ma’am”.

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I really believe Females are superior to males in a lot of ways. In some instances, it’s only apparent after the experience happens, & then it comes to me. They Really Are Superior! It’s not just a bunch of horny crap on blogs. So, I say,”Yes, Ma’am, No Ma’am” with conviction & really don’t care who looks at me or who says what. Patriarchy is so entrenched in the U.S. & all around the globe & has been for thousands of years. It’s gotten so bad that people don’t even question their beliefs anymore. So when I use “Ma’am” in speaking to a Superior Female, I am not surprised at all that She undervalues Herself & is unaware of the power She possesses & looks at me curiously. It really doesn’t matter to me. She is my Superior whether She recognizes it or not, & i will therefore Always show Her the deep respect She deserves.

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