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It is a cliché of vanilla dating that women will not approach an inhibited man or welcome the attentions of a man who is so nervous it contorts his body.

You might think that as a submissive man your nervousness might come across as appealing. Probably not.

Fear in social space is not sexy. It is a sort of distortion field. Why would you expect someone to feel comfortable about approaching you if you look uncomfortable?

One solution is to learn how to relax your body even when your mind is twisted in a knot. Sure, it takes huge effort but it can be done.

You need to learn how to be brave enough to say “Hi.” No more than that. It makes you seem like a person and not just some desperate thing. Someone worth approaching and perhaps cultivating.

To stand in the corner and grimace is self-defeating.

As with so much this isn’t just a truism of Femdom courtships. Vanilla men have that same sick spot in their stomach when they are wanting to approach a girl. Those that overcome their nervousness have luck, those that cannot won’t.

Besides being inhibited throw the burden of meeting on the other person, which is selfish.

If you can’t offer a simple greeting why waste your money on paying to attend a fetish party?

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Thanks for this blog-thing!

Agreed, introducing yourself to people is a great way to meet them. I would like to distinguish between “nervous” and “paralyzed.” A tiny bit of nervousness, while soldiering on with the greeting nonetheless, can be cute. And some mild expressions of discomfort while we’re conversing, while still showing that you want to engage in the conversation, can also appeal, although this tends to work better for younger and more feminine men. But overall, I’m with you, Richard—although I’m not deeply into being courted, I am more apt to notice someone who approaches me, if only because he or she is standing in front of me saying hello.

Don’t you feel kind of deceptive with all of this contact by phone.this is cop out city.A true mistress meets personally with her Submissive.Your site is true fantasy.Cyber domination tells me that they aren’t real and neither are you in your deception to entice men into this make-believe world is sinful.Do you ever feel guilty for this contrived deception.The real world of person to person contact is non-existant.Why are you and your make-believes so afraid of person to person contact?

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