Submissive Men Who Don't Show Up

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Many dominant women have written of arranging a first date with a submissive man only for him to never show up. One’s initial response is startlement: after all the standard lore stresses that there are many more submissive men looking that dominant women to accommodate them. (The proportion shifts a bit with dominant women who are looking for romance or a life-partnership with a guy who’s masochism and submissiveness aren’t out of control.)

Women are naturally chagrined by no shows. Though it gets embarrassing on some blogs when all the wannabe submissive males who would probably do the same thing chime in to say the guy should be castrated.

Why would a supposedly submissive man go to the - often extensive - trouble of wooing, getting to know and making arrangements for a meeting and not show up.

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Some men never really intend to actually meet the woman. If only subconsciously. Often married, going through the motions online is the only kink that they’ll ever have in their lives. (Their other pastime is likely pretending to be a dominant female.)

Embarrassed Timid Man

Many guys are just scared. Fear of being exposed, their friends and family finding out and being ostracized. Or long lost in fantasy there’s build up fearful images of female dominance. They are running from their own imagination, not you.

How many - you can’t help but wonder - turn back at the restaurant’s door.

You can’t really excuse vanishing without a trace; failing to at least send an apologetic email. But be mindful the guy is probably more of a scaredy cat and not a louse.

Besides: he hates himself for not meeting you.

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