Your First Date With a Domme

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Mistress Jen, fresh from some not exactly perfect dates with men wanting to meet a dominant woman offers some advice. Here’s part of her list:

  • 1. Ask her to dinner. Not coffee, not breakfast, not lunch. Dinner.
  • 2. Ask her what food she likes best and what side of town she lives on.
  • 2a. If you have budget issues BE UP FRONT because you have to pay.
  • 3. If you know the restaurants that fit her parameters then suggest one that is quiet and condusive to actually talking.
  • 4. Ask her what personal information she would like to have about you to make her feel comfortable about her safety. License plate number? Phone number? Assure her that you want her to feel safe and that whatever she needs for that is completely

The whole list: Dating Heck

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Yeesh, more “rules” that someone feels everyone should follow. If these work for her, great, but it’s just flat-out wrong to say “this is the way all prospective subs should treat dommes.” I do agree with the honesty and communication points (which make up the majority of these rules) but the rest of her rules are more stereotypical “gimmie gimmie gimmie me me me” crap. It shows that she’s not willing to work at the relationship; laziness and dominance are two different things.

Jen is a pretty nice lady and I’d hope anyone who reads her list does realize that it is her list and other women would have their own.

I’d much rather meet for coffee the first time. Sometimes it takes only a couple of minutes to realize there no possibility of a match and a meal can become an awful ordeal to get through for both parties.

She’s giving pointers on what would impress most Dominant ladies, and as one, I agree. You should offer dinner, and if she chooses something less, that’s her choice. If you want a dutch treat, vanilla date, don’t bother with a Domme.

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