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Romantic cliches.
Don’t get lost in romantic clichés

Another tip from the source quoted in the prior entry:

Another turn-off is profiles littered with cheesy clichés. One woman in Whitty’s study complained that so many people say they enjoy walks on the beach that she is surprised the beach isn’t overrun.

That was certainly a peeve of mine some years back.

Not just the walks on the beach (though I did see a tremendous number of those). Too many people claimed nearly identical romantic aims and preferences. It was as if they were using some Platonic archetype of dating.

No individuality was expressed, leaving no reason to want to meet them.

Submissive males need to say more than they want to submit. If you are on a site like Alt or CollarMe it says so in your profile. Aside from mentioning your submissiveness you need to reference other portions of your life. This is the biggest single failing of submissive guys’ dating service profiles.

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